Organic Dry Bean Production Systems and Cultivar Choices

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Organic Dry Bean Production Systems and Cultivar Choices Webinar, by Thomas Michaels, Craig Sheaffer, Claire Flavin, and Hannah Swegarden of the University of Minnesota. This webinar took place on November 12, 2013.

About the webinar

Dry bean shows good potential as a grain legume that will diversify organic cropping systems. This webinar will address some of the organic bean research at the University of Minnesota including weed control strategies, nitrogen equivalency of bean in rotation, yield stability of commercially available cultivars in organic systems, and the potential for growing organic heirloom beans for local markets.

Tom Michaels is a professor of Horticultural Science whose research focus is dry bean genetics and breeding.  Craig Sheaffer is a professor of Agronomy and Plant Genetics whose research specialty is cropping systems.  Hannah Swegarden and Claire  Flavin are students in the Applied Plant Science graduate program whose thesis research projects address problems in organic dry bean cropping systems.

Slides from the webinar as a pdf handout

Published September 16, 2013

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