How am I doing: Improving your Extension program by evaluating it with feedback and follow-up

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The webinar was presented by Seth Wilner of the University of New Hampshire, and Anu Rangarajan of Cornell University. It took place on November 4 , 2013. This webinar is part of the Excellence in Organic Extension Webinar Series, organized by Dr. Julie Grossman, Alan Meijer, and Thanwalee (JiJY) Sooksa-nguan of North Carolina State University. The intended audience is graduate students, new Extension personnel, and others who work with, deliver information to, and assist farmers. 

About the Webinar

Evaluation is not just a post program activity for reporting outcomes. Instead, methods such as advisory council focus groups, in-session evaluation conversations, and a variety of post session follow-up methods can be used to increase and enhance the educational value of your program. The speakers will share a variety of the methods they use to increase the effectiveness and impact of their farmer education programs.

Slides from the webinar as a pdf handout

About the Presenters

Seth Wilner serves as a farm management field specialist with UNH Cooperative Extension. Additionally, he also led an organization wide effort to build capacity in outcomes based program development and evaluation. Seth has worked in the area of evaluation in his organization, as well as an independent consultant for upwards of a decade.

Anu Rangarajan is state fresh market vegetable extension specialist and Director of the Cornell Small Farm Program. Her research program is focused on designing appropriate conservation tillage systems for organic and conventional vegetable production.

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Published August 12, 2013

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