Effective Presentations: How to Develop and Deliver a Farmer-Friendly Talk

About the Webinar 

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This webinar was recorded on September 9, 2013 and is part of the Excellence in Organic Extension Webinar Series, organized by Dr. Julie Grossman, Alan Meijer, and Thanwalee (JiJY) Sooksa-nguan of North Carolina State University. The intended audience is graduate students, new Extension personnel, and others who work with, deliver information to, and assist farmers.

PowerPoint and lecture presentations for complex issues such as farm management, IPM, decision making, and other such topics is an ineffective educational method. It seldom results in behavior changes or the adoption of new practices. Why do most farmer educators use lecture delivery as their primary means of education? The likely answer is they do not understand some basic tenets of effective adult education. This talk will provide an overview of best practices and provide examples of how they have been incorporated into Extension programming for farmers.

Handout of the slides for this presentation

Audience responses to questions posed in the webinar

About the Presenter

Seth Wilner is a Farm Management Field Specialist with the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension. He also runs the state SARE program, which for the past three years, has focused on effective education methods for farmers.

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Published August 12, 2013

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