Scouting for Vegetable and Fruit Pests on Organic Farms

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Resources Mentioned in the Webinar

Fruit Crop Pest Models - WSU Decision Aid System

Garden Insects of North America - W. Cranshaw

Natural Enemies Handbook - M.L Flint, S. Dreistadt

Northeast Vegetable and Strawberry Pest Identification Guide-University of Massachussetts

North Carolina State University: Insect and Related Pests of Vegetables

Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook

Integrated Crop and Pest Management Guidelines for Commercial Vegetable Production. Cornell University

Pests of the Garden and Small Farm, M.L. Flint

Pests of the West - W. Cranshaw

University of California IPM Online: Natural Enemies Gallery

USPEST.ORG IPM Pest and Plant Disease Models and Forecasting

About the Webinar

Crop consultant, Doug O’Brien, and organic farmer, Helen Atthowe, share their pest monitoring and decision making tips and short cuts. Learn how to look for insect, disease, and crop quality problems on organic vegetable and fruit farms. We will also touch on some ideas about how to maintain records that will help you better understand pest problems and what to do about them.

This webinar was funded by Western SARE project SW09-031: Bean Mold Management Tools and Rotational Systems Management.

Handout of the slides from this webinar

About the Presenters

Helen Atthowe has been farming on her own and consulting for other organic vegetable and fruit farms for 25 years. She was a horticulture extension agent for 15 years and owned and operated Biodesign Farm (30 acre diverse organic fruit and vegetable farm) in western Montana for 17 years. She recently spent 6 months as a consulting vegetable grower for a 2000 acre organic vegetable and fruit farm in northern Colorado with a 5000 member CSA.

Doug O'Brien currently owns and operates Doug O’Brien Agricultural Consulting, providing on-site technical advice, field monitoring, and research for clients involved in fresh produce growing, harvesting, cooling and marketing. He is an adjunct professor at Cabrillo College, in Santa Cruz, CA and teaches classes in organic farming. Previously, Doug was a co-owner of an organic produce brokerage company, a crop production manager, and an assistant farm advisor.

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Published April 5, 2013

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