Organic Seed Growers Conference 2012: Selected Live Broadcasts

eOrganic and the Organic Seed Alliance brings you selected live broadcasts from the Organic Seed Growers Conference in Port Townsend, WA. This conference brings together hundreds of farmers, seed production and distribution companies, researchers, plant breeders, pathologists, and university extension in two days of informative presentations, panel discussions, and networking events.

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Introduction to On-Farm Plant Breeding Workshop.

An increasing number of farmers are starting to breed new varieties and reselect older varieties for their farms. This presentation will introduce you to the steps needed to create new crop varieties on your farm with little or no hand-pollination or specialized tools. Presenter: John Navazio, Organic Seed Alliance and Washington State University


Organic Wheat Breeding Workshop

With the explosion of local organic grains, mills and bakeries, organic farmers are looking for wheat varieties that thrive in their systems. This workshop will take you through the process of creating your own wheat variety and describe some of the current organic what breeding projects. Presenters: Stephen Jones, Washington State University; Richard Little, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Dean Spaner, University of Alberta

  • Winter Wheat Breeding Basics. Richard Little - Video | Handout
  • Organic Wheat Breeding and Agronomy Research. Dean Spaner - Video | Handout


Breeding Peas, Sweet Corn, Broccoli, Winter Squash and Carrots as part of NOVIC

NOVIC is a national project to breed new vegetable varieties for organic agriculture. You will learn from the panelists about the techniques they are using to breed new organically adapted varieties of peas, sweet corn, broccoli, squash, and carrots. Presenters: Jim Myers, Oregon State University; Michael Mazourek, Cornell University; William Tracy, University of Wisconsin-Madison; John Navazio, Organic Seed Alliance and Washington State University; Laurie McKenzie, Oregon State University; Adrienne Shelton, University of Wisconsin.


Organic Corn Breeding Workshop

King corn is grown on more acres than any other crop. What is being done to breed corn for organic systems, and how can you take part? This workshop will describe the process of breeding corn for organic agriculture and some of the current organic corn breeding projects. Presenters: Frank Kutka, NPSAS Farm Breeding Club; William Tracy, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • Corn Reproduction: Inbreds and Hybrids. William Tracy
  • Sweet Corn: Organic Breeding Considerations. William Tracy
  • Breeding High Quality Corn for Sustainable and Organic Farmers. Walter Goldstein


Breeding for Nutrition Workshop

This broadcast was repeated as an eOrganic webinar on March 23, 2012. Please find the handout for the webinar here.

Organic eaters want nutritious food, but some modern breeding programs may be increasing yields at the cost of nutrition. Learn about breeding programs working with classical breeding methods (non-gmo) to breed nutritionally superior crops.

  • Prospects and Challenges for Plant Breeders. Philipp Simon - Video | Handout
  • Breeding Tomatoes for Increased Flavonoids. Jim Myers - Video | Handout
  • Breeding Corn for Nutritional Value. Walter Goldstein - Video | Handout
  • Full version with all 3 presentations and discussion - Video | Handout


Breeding for Positive Microbial Interactions Workshop

We know that many beneficial soil microorganisms provide plants with access to nutrients, improve water uptake and even have the potential to suppress certain soil borne diseases. The ability to breed plants to optimize their interaction with the soil microbiology holds great potential to enhance organic farming systems. Hear about the latest studies in this important and expanding field of science.

  • Wheat Varietal Selection and Annual Versus Perennial Growth Habit Impact Soil Microbes and Apple Replant Disease Suppression. Lori Hoagland -Video | Handout
  • Linking Hairy Vetch Germplasm Diversity to Traits Facilitating Improved Nitrogen Fixation. Jude Maul -Video | Handout
  • Breeding Corn for Positive Soil Microbial Interactions. Walter Goldstein -Video | Handout

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Published December 21, 2011

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