August 2011

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New eOrganic Articles and Videos
USDA NOP Listening Session
New Penn State Organic Acres Newsletter
Job Announcement from the Center for Environmental Farming  Systems

New eOrganic Articles and Videos

Biology and Management of Aphids in Organic Cucurbit Production Systems. This article by Mary Barbercheck, Penn State University, provides an overview of the biology and life cycles, damage from, and management of the most common aphid pests in organic cucurbit crops.

Weed Management Strategies for Organic Cucurbit Crops in the Southern United States. Mark Schonbeck, Virginia Association for Biological Farming describes how to manage some of the most troublesome weeds of cucurbit crops in the South.

Video: Calculating Paddock Size on Organic Dairy Pastures. This video, by Sarah Flack, Sarah Flack Consulting, and Amanda Gervais, University of Vermont Extension, demonstrates how to calculate paddock size and stocking rates for pastures an organic dairy farm.

Public Listening Session on USDA Activities and Priorities Related to Organic Agriculture and Markets

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is convening a public listening session to receive input concerning the Department's activities and priorities related to supporting organic agriculture production, handling and markets.

This event is being hosted by the USDA Organic Working Group (a USDA internal communications network) and the USDA National Organic Program (responsible for regulating USDA organic products). The Public Listening Session is free and open to the public. For more information on this event, and how to attend in person or submit written comments, go to A transcript of the listening session will be posted to that link following the event. To receive news from the NOP, subscribe to the NOP Organic Insider at this link.

Penn State University Organic Acres News and Report

PSU announces a new issue of Organic Acres, a bi-annual newsletter highlighting the research and extension activities associated with the project "Weed Management, Environmental Quality and Profitability in Organic Feed and Forage Systems." This multi-disciplinary project, funded by the USDA's Risk Avoidance and Mitigation (RAMP) program, was initiated in 2007, and is located at the Russell E. Larson Research Center near Rock Springs, PA, on land that they transitioned to organic from 2003 - 2007.
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Farm Manager Position Available at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems

This position of Farm Manager is to plan and manage the implementation of production, research, education, demonstrations and extension outreach activities at the Small Farm Unit of CEFS.
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Published August 29, 2018

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