Video Clip: Summer Cover Crop: Buckwheat from Vegetable Farmers and their Innovative Cover Cropping Techniques


Farmers and their Innovative Cover Cropping Techniques [DVD]. V. Grubinger. 2006. University of Vermont Extension. Available for purchase from: 31 Dec 2008).

This is a Vegetable Farmers and their Innovative Cover Cropping Techniques video clip.


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Lockwood 'Pooh' Sprague, Edgewater Farm. Plainfield, NH.

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We use a summer smother when we have finished up a short term crop like peas, in particular when we’re not going back with something immediately; we’ll use a summer smother to suppress weeds and add some organic matter. Buckwheat is probably the simplest summer smother for us to manage. It’s very quick, we seed it anywhere, I think the recommended rate is a bushel per acre but I’m sure we glom on pretty close to two or even more sometimes. It’s very quick, it’s very easy to work down, we have a set of fairly heavy harrows, and we can go in right now on short order and incorporate this with a set of harrows as well as put on a winter cover crop at the same time so it’s very easy to manage in terms of the machinery that we own.

This video project was funded in part by the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (USDA).

Published June 15, 2011

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