Video Clip: Lilliston Rolling Cultivator from Vegetable Farmers and their Weed Control Machines


Vegetable farmers and their weed-control machines [DVD]. V. Grubinger and M.J. Else. 1996. University of Vermont Extension. Available for purchase at (verified 31 Dec 2008).

This is a Vegetable Farmers and their Weed Control Machines video clip.

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Bob Gray, Four Corners Farm. Newbury, VT

Audio Text

This piece of equipment here is a Lilliston Rolling Tine Cultivator and it’s a very versatile tillage tool because it adjusts so many ways and will do so many things. You can adjust it this way, like you want to hill potatoes. You can crank it up pretty steep and it will throw dirt up. You can adjust it back and forth this way for more action. If you want it to dig more and move more dirt then you turn this backwards. You can slide it this way to get it closer to the plants or further away from the plants. We like it a lot and use it on many many crops. Right here on broccoli we use it to actually throw dirt underneath the plant to bury weeds. We have the front sweeps on which will move the dirt under the plant and this will actually throw dirt behind and throw it over the plant. And if you watch your timing, if the weeds aren’t too big, you can keep this crop absolutely clean. I think I can get ninety nine percent of the weeds in this crop every time as long as I’m there when I’m supposed to be there.

This video project was funded in part by the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (USDA).


Published May 27, 2011

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