North Carolina's Statewide Initiative for Building a Local Food Economy Webinar


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Resources from the Webinar

The Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) Website

NC 10% Campaign for Local Foods Website

North Carolina Sustainable Local Food Advisory Council Website

About the Webinar
The Webinar describes the Center for Environmental Farming Systems statewide Local Foods Initiative in North Carolina, and highlight some of the accomplishments, partnerships, and priorities for action. A key initiative, The 10% Campaign, will be described in detail.

About the Presenters
Nancy Creamer is Director of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems at NC State University. CEFS recently led a statewide initiative which resulted in "From Farm to Fork: A Guide to Building North Carolina's Sustainable Local Food Economy ( with one of the "game changer" ideas being The 10% campaign.

Teisha Wymore is Campaign Manager for the 10% campaign. The Campaign launched in July, 2010 is already tracking about $3 million spent in local foods and more than 170 business partners.



Published December 23, 2010

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