Transitioning Organic Dairy Cows Off and On Pasture Webinar

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About the Webinar

One challenge with grazing the organic dairy herd is helping cows adjust to a new feed source in both the fall and spring. The switch from high-quality pasture to lower-quality stored feeds can be tricky—if the change is made too quickly, milk production can drop until the cows and their rumen microbes become accustomed to the new feed. In this webinar, Rick Kersbergen will provide an overview of rumen function and various rations. He will address the nutritional qualities of various homegrown feeds (including grains), what they can add to a cow’s diet, and the potential for milk production trade-offs.

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About the Presenter

Rick Kersbergen is an Extension Professor at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. Rick has been conducting research and extension programs related to sustainable dairy and forage systems since 1987. He is currently involved with several multi-state, applied research projects on cover crops, organic grains production, and forage and nutrient management. He is past chair of the Northeast Pasture Consortium and manages the regional website as a compendium of grazing information for the region.

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Published November 9, 2010

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