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New eOrganic Articles Posted in August

Biopesticides for Plant Disease Management in Organic Farming, by eOrganic Vegetable Disease Management Group members Meg McGrath, Gary Vallad, and Brian McSpadden Gardener. This article introduces what biopesticides are and how they can be used in certified organic production. See also Efficacy of Biochemical Biopesticides that may be used in Organic Farming and Efficacy of Microbial Biopesticides that may be used in Organic Farming for a data review of field trials with these materials.

New eOrganic Dairy Group articles include An Overview of the Access to Pasture Rule on Organic Dairy Farms, by Harriet Behar, Access to Pasture Rule: New and Revised Definitions and Finding a Pasture Stick in your area for your Organic Dairy Farm, by Debra Heleba. Stay tuned for more upcoming eOrganic Dairy Group articles, videos and Webinars relating the new National Organic Program Access to Pasture Rule and the need to calculate dry matter intake. Registration is open now for the next Pasture Rule Webinar on September 16: Maximizing Dry Matter Intake on Your Organic Dairy Pastures, by Karen Hoffman of the USDA NRCS.

The Science Behind Biodynamics, by eOrganic Soils Group member Lynne Carpenter-Boggs, is a great introduction to the topic and how the preparations are made. Lynne includes some ideas on how the preps work and how you can set up a trial on a farm to test them.

Late Blight Webinar Clips Now on YouTube

eOrganic Vegetable Disease Systems Group Members Meg McGrath and Sally Miller presented two well-attended Webinars on late blight for organic farmers and home gardeners. John McQueen of the eOrganic staff has now divided the recorded presentation into short, topical clips and uploaded them to the eOrganic YouTube channel, where we have found that they are being viewed at a much greater frequency than full length archived Webinars. Links to all the clips, as well as transcriptions of the recording can be found from the following link:

Most Popular eOrganic Articles on

In July, traffic to our public website on was back up after dipping a bit in May and June, no doubt helped by the Webinars in July. Articles and Webinars about late blight were the most popular in July followed by Tim Coolong's Low Cost High Tunnel Construction. Here are some links to our most popular content of the month.

#1 Organic Management of Late Blight of Potato and Tomato with Copper Products by Alex Stone and Brian Baker (along with other sources of info)
#2 Late Blight Control in Your Organic Garden Webinar by Meg McGrath
#3 Late Blight Management on Organic Farms: 2010 Webinar by Meg McGrath and Sally Miller
#4 Organic Management of Late Blight of Potato and Tomato by Alex Stone
#5 Low Cost High Tunnel Construction by Tim Coolong

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Published August 23, 2011

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