Organic Grass Fed Dairy: Demographics, Management, and Cost of Production

This webinar took place on February 22, 2022. 

Speakers: Dr. Heather Darby, Professor of Extension, Agronomist, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT Sara Ziegler, Research Specialist, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT Sarah Flack, Grazing Specialist, Sarah Flack Consulting, Fairfield, VT

About the Webinar

In 2018, the University of Vermont received an USDA OREI Grant to Advance Grass-Fed Dairy: A Whole Systems Approach to Enhancing Productivity, Quality, and Farm Viability in the U.S (OREI 2018-51300-28515).

One primary objective was to understand the economic and production metrics for grass-fed dairy systems through implementation of a national survey, production and economic benchmarking on farms in VT and NY. This session will describe the characteristics and demographics of grass-fed dairy farms from our national survey, including herd sizes, acreage, and management systems. We’ll then take a deeper look at some of the data from our smaller northeast region surveys which include the grass-fed cost of production (cost per cwt) and more detail on farm management and production.

This is the first of 3 webinars in early 2022 on Grass-fed dairy production, so check our schedule for the others at!



Published January 4, 2022

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