It All Starts on the Farm: Raw Milk Parameters that Impact Pasteurized Dairy Product Quality

This webinar by Dr. Nicole Martin of Cornell University took place on November 9, 2021.

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About the Webinar

What happens on the farm does not stay on the farm when it comes to the impact of raw milk quality on pasteurized dairy product. Many tests are used to determine the quality of raw milk, some tests tell us about animal health, some about the efficacy of milking hygiene or equipment cleaning and sanitation, etc. However, when it comes to the impact of raw milk quality on pasteurized dairy products, there are only a few parameters that are truly impactful. This webinar will cover these parameters, how they impact pasteurized dairy products and what can be done at the farm to control them.

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About the Presenter

Dr. Nicole Martin is the Associate Director of the Milk Quality Improvement Program (MQIP) in the Department of Food Science at Cornell University. In her role, Nicole oversees the farm to consumer dairy microbiology research conducted in the MQIP and works closely with dairy industry stakeholders including producers and processors. Nicole studies the transmission of spoilage organisms from environmental niches into raw and processed dairy products, strategies to reduce or eliminate this transmission, the implications of spoilage organisms on finished product and methods of detection.

Funding for this webinar is provided by a grant from USDA NIFA OREI.

Published October 18, 2021

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