Prohibited and Restricted Weed Seed Commonly Found in Vegetable Seed Lots

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Emily Skelton, Seeds of Change

This is an Organic Seed Resource Guide article.

This is a list of prohibited and restricted noxious weeds species commonly found in vegetable seed lots. This is not a list of all noxious weed species. For current state noxious weed seed regulations as legislated by the Federal Seed Act, see the Agricultural Marketing Service's 2008 State Noxious-Weed Seed Requirements Recognized in the Administration of the Federal Seed Act publication.

Common Prohibited and Restricted Noxious Weed Seeds

Table 1. Prohibited noxious weed seed.
Common Name Species States Prohibited
Anoda Spurred Anoda cristata CO
Bedstraw Galium spp. CT, NH, NY, VT
Bladder Campion Silene cucubalas WA
Bull Thistle Cirsium vulgare MI, MN
Canada Thistle Cirsium arvense AK, KS
Dodder Cuscata spp. CT
Bindweed Convolvulus arvensis PA, RI, UT
Giant Foxtail Setaria faberi SC
Hedge Bindweed Convolvulus sepium, also Calystegia sepium ALL
Johnsongrass Sorghum halepense CO
Morning Glory Ipomoea purpurea AZ, MI, NE, NM
Mullein Verbascum thapsus HI
Puncturevine Tribulus terrestris AZ, HI, MI, NE, NV
Ragweed Ambrosia artemisiifolia HI, KS
Scotch Thistle Onopodum acanthium AZ, CO, NE, NV, WA, WY
St. John's Wort Hypericum perforatum CO, HI, ID, MT, NV
White Horsenettle Solanum elaeagnifolium AR, CO, IA, NV
Wild Lettuce, Blue Flower Lactuca pulchella AK
Yellow Starthistle Cenaurea solstitialis AZ, CO, HI, ID, NV, OR, UT
Table 2. Restricted noxious weed seed.
Common Name Species Maximum Tolerance
Bachelor Button Cenaurea cyanus 27/lb
Barnyard Grass Echinochloa frumentacea 300/lb
Black Bindweed/Wild Buckwheat Plyganum convovulus AK - 2/lb
Black Nightshade Solanum nigrum 9/lb
Buckthorn Plantago lanceolata 200/lb
Common Plantain Plantago spp. 90/lb
Crabgrass Digitaria sanguinalis 27/lb
Giant Foxtail Setaria faberi 25/lb
Hairy Nightshade Solanum sarrachoides 9/lb
Large Crabgrass Panicum spp. 27/lb
Pennycress, Fanweed Thlaspi arvense 18/lb
Tansy Mustard Descurainia pinnata 45/lb
White Cockle Silene alba 2.5% total wt.
Wild Carrot Daucus carota 18/lb
Wild Lettuce Lactuca tatarica subsp. Pulchella 27/lb
Wild Mustard Brassica spp. 18/lb
Wild Radish Raphanus raphanistrum or spp. 12/lb
Wild Sunflower Helianthus annuus 16/lb

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This publication contains information about the various state labeling requirements and prohibitions of noxious-weed seeds and shows the botanical names and common names according to the law and regulations of the particular state in which the seed is noxious. It is the responsibility of seed dealers to know the requirements of state laws and the changes in those laws.


Published January 19, 2009

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