Management Options for Striped Cucumber Beetle in Organic Cucurbits

Striped cucumber beetle (SCB) is one of the most challenging insects to control in organic cucurbit production. The presenters will discuss the basics of SCB biology, cultural practices that can minimize damage, the latest on the effectiveness of insecticides allowed for organic production, and a discussion of breeding work underway to help reduce beetle impact.

Slides from the webinar: PDF handout

This webinar was organized by members of the NIFA-OREI funded Eastern Sustainable Cucurbit Project, which is a collaboration of growers, researchers and extension agents working to find solutions for the many challenges facing organic cucurbit producers. Find more webinars by this project here in the eOrganic webinar archive at

Presenters: Abby Seaman, New York State IPM Program; Jeffrey Gardener, Entomology Department, Cornell University.

Published September 15, 2016

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