Organic Agriculture Research Symposium 2016 Live Broadcast

This webinar was held on January 20, 2016. Find recordings as a playlist on the eOrganic YouTube channel here!

Broadcast Program

9:00AM – 10:00AM Pacific Time (10AM Mountain, 11AM Central, 12PM Eastern Time)
Opening Keynote and Thematic Presentations

  •  André Leu, IFOAM / Organics International President. The Vital Role of Research to Advance Organic Agriculture Worldwide.
  • Mathieu Ngouajio, USDA/NIFA National Program Leader in Cropping Systems. USDA- NIFA support for Organic Agriculture Research, Education and Extension.

10:30AM – Noon Pacific Time (11:30AM Mountain, 12:30PM Central, 1:30PM Eastern Time)
Soil Health

  • Anthony Yannarell, University of Illinois. Management affects the weed suppression potential of soil microorganisms and green manures
  • James Stapleton, UC-ANR-KARE. Advances in Biosolarization Technology to Improve Soil Health and Organic Control of Soilborne Pests
  • Doug O’Brien, Doug O’Brien Agricultural Consulting. Trends in soilborne disease on two long-term organic vegetable farms in the west.
  • Moderator: Heather Darby, University of Vermont

1:00PM – 2:30PM Pacific Time (2PM Mountain, 3PM Central, 4PM Eastern Time)
Long-term and Strategic Research

  • Amélie Gaudin, UC Davis, Long-term research in organic system at Russell Ranch: Results and opportunities to build sustainable and resilient systems
  • Randy Jackson, University of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Integrated Cropping Systems Trial: 26 years of research in agricultural sustainability
  • Diana Jerkins, Organic Farming Research Foundation. Assessment of Future Organic Research Needs
  • Moderator: Mark Lipson, UC Santa Cruz

2:45PM – 4:15PM Pacific Time (3:45 Mountain, 4:45 Central, 5:45 Eastern Time)
Innovative Educational Systems

  • Damien Parr, UC Santa Cruz. Integrating undergraduate interns in organic farming research and beginner farmer programming at the University of California, Santa Cruz
  • John Hendrickson, University of Wisconsin .Coordinating a Three-Ring Circus with Lions and Cubs: Beginning Grower Training Programs at the University of Wisconsin
  • Raul Villanueva, Texas A&M. Linking Organic Farmers and Students On Organic Production through Small Projects in South Texas
  • Moderator: Mark Van Horn, UC Davis

Published January 11, 2016

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