Promoting Native Bee Pollinators in Organic Farming Systems Webinar

The webinar was recorded on March 10, 2015. Watch it on YouTube at

About the Webinar

The webinar will cover the importance of native bee pollinators in organic farming systems, particularly diversified systems that produce many crops per year. We will first discuss the diversity of native bees in farming systems, and the roles they may play in supplementing (or replacing) honey bees for pollination services. Our webinar will also describe an ongoing research project in western Washington on native bee pollinators. 

Slides from the webinar as a pdf handout

About the Presenters

David Crowder is an assistant professor of Entomology at Washington State University. His research focuses on insect ecology and the role of sustainable agriculture on insect communities

Elias Bloom in a PhD student in Entomology in the lab of Dr. David Crowder and Washington State University. His research focuses on the biology and ecology of native bee pollinators in diversified organic farming systems.

Published October 6, 2014

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