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Lisa McCrory, Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance


Organic dairy producer profiles are the stories of real farmers, their journey through their transition to organic, and their practices as certified organic farms today. These articles may provide a holistic view of the farm. Often they capture the decision-making processes that led a farm family to decide to transition to organic. They may also highlight production challenges faced during the process and how they worked through those issues. These stories include new practices that farmers learn and implement through the process. Many of these stories have been documented by the Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance (NODPA). Please note that practices mentioned in these articles may or may not meet the current organic standards as certain national organic program production rules change and/or have changed over time. Be sure to check with your local certifier about current standards. We hope that these farmer's stories can provide knowledge, strength, and positive energy as they share their transition to organic dairying.

Vermont organic dairy farmers, John Clark and Jack Lazor, at field day. Photo credit: Lisa McCrory, Earthwise Farm and Forest

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Published January 25, 2009

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